In two months the first BREEAM-standard logistics park in Latvia is opening its doors for the tenants

Near completion is the construction of the biggest and most modern logistics centres in Latvia – A6 Logistics Park at 462 Maskavas St. in Riga.

Construction of the new logistics park were started in July 2020 and it is planned to be put in commission this autumn. The project implied creating a unified logistics and warehouse park with construction of new 30 000 m² of warehouse premises. After the completion of the construction works, the total area of warehouses at the complex is going to exceed 50 000 m². Tenants will be offered units of floor space starting from 680 m².

A6 is going to be the first logistics park in Latvia that was designed and built in accordance with BREEAM building sustainability standard that certifies the high international energy efficiency standards of its quality solutions.

“At a very early stage of the planning, we made a decision to design and build the new warehouse premises in accordance with BREEAM sustainability standards to demonstrate our support to environment protection and common global trends in construction through complying to the highest energy efficiency standards, as well as using construction materials produced in line with the same sustainability principles as well. This is going to be a unique chance for the companies, who apply green thinking principles in their operation, to use sustainable warehouse premises for storage of their produce. Also, higher energy efficiency means lower building maintenance costs”, — says Pēteris Guļāns, Head of Development of Pillar Capital, AS.

Logistics park is located in one of Riga’s neighbourhoods called Rumbula, at 462 Maskavas St., right next to A6 highway, which is an important traffic artery of Riga city. Industrial area of Rumbula between Maskavas Street and the railroad is perfectly suitable for development of logistics parks due to its convenient accessibility from the city centre and other main national highways like A4, A5 and A7. The location is also easily accessible by public transport, including trains.

At the entrance of the warehouse complex, cargo traffic control and management is going to be ensured using a smart system that will scan the license plates on a truck and display directions for the driver to proceed to the right loading gate.

Another significant innovation is implemented in column spacing, increasing it from the usual 12 m step to 17 m thus enabling the tenants to place their shelving systems more efficiently and decreasing the space needed by approximately 5%.

The tenants are also offered new office standard A-class office premises, equipped with up-to-date ventilation and air conditioning solutions that are going to ensure great the work environment for the employees. The territory is easily accessible by private or public transport, there are also electric vehicle charging stations and a spacious bicycle parking with a roof for the employees.

“Logistics and transportation industry is a kind of blood circulation system for the business and the city, because no productive manufacturing, neither trade is possible without logistics. Large modern logistics centres are essential, because they not only generate investments worth millions of euros and create jobs, but also provide other functions important for the development of a city,” — says Edgars Miļūns, CEO of Pillar Capital, AS.

Project developer is Pillar Capital, AS, that has in total engaged about 20 contractors in construction of this logistics park. There were almost 180 construction specialists engaged in the implementation of the project. The general contractor of the project is group company Pillar Contractor, SIA, design works were carried out by group company Pillar Architekten. The total financial investment in development of A6 Logistics Park is going to exceed 20 million euros.

Pillar Capital, AS is a company founded in 2006. The objectives of its operation include investing own and third party funds in commercial and residential real estate objects to achieve sustainable increase in income from renting the premises and enlarging of the value of properties. Company’s portfolio of commercial properties includes office buildings at VEF neighbourhood, offices at 23 Elizabetes Street and 275 Brīvības Street, logistics park A6, culture venue Hanzas Perons and other properties at New Hanza territory.