Property management

Pillar Property Management

In property management, we employ industry’s best practices. We care about maintaining good relationships with our tenants, so we pay attention to the needs of our tenants and seek to offer them the best solution. Our team’s extensive experience and attention to the slightest detail, as well as broad industry-specific knowledge about the needs of the tenants makes us a universal manager.

Lines of business


We are carrying out management and maintenance of almost all kinds of real estate objects, including the ones owned by Pillar Group. Our portfolio includes large-scale commercial objects, office buildings, logistics centers, residential buildings and the upcoming New Hanza territory. Our daily work is related to ensuring functioning of engineering and security solutions of the objects, coordination and supervision of cleaning works.

Parking and car wash

Among our property objects there is also a neighborhood’s largest ticket parking at New Hanza territory, offering short-term parking and monthly tickets. Right next to it there is also a car wash PUTO. Parking service provided by SIA EuroPark Latvia. Monthly tickets are available on EuroPark website ( For more information call EuroPark 24h hotline on +371 67 324 508 or message on

We specialize in

  • management of commercial objects
  • management of residential buildings
  • maintenance and management of Pillar Group real estate portfolio
  • brokerage and consultations in real estate transactions