Property management with devotion. Because we care.

If you also care, like we do, how clean your building will be, how good the maintenance of the engineering systems and cleaning of the territory will be done, leave your information and we will contact you to discuss how we can be useful for you!

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What we do

  • We ensure management and maintenance services
  • We study the case of each client in detail, and we maintain personal connection with our clients
  • We see ourselves as prudent manager on daily basis, rather than emergency damage control team
  • We note the slightest matters, because every detail matters

We specialise in

  • Maintenance and management of commercial properties
  • Maintenance of residential accommodation

In what cases we can help

  • If you are not satisfied with your current building manager
  • If you are looking for a manager who will work to prevent the emergencies, rather than just do damage control
  • If you want to feel a personal touch in relationships with your manager and want to be sure your call will be answered when you need it
  • If you want your building and the surrounding territory to be clean and nice every day
  • If you want your building to be maintained as well as you maintain your own apartment
  • If you want the best, not the cheapest manager

Who are we and why should you choose us?

Devotion in the attitude to work is paramount. They say there is no such thing as bad weather, there is only unsuitable choice of clothing. It applies to the property management as well – there are no bad buildings, there are only less suitable managers.

Pillar Property Management is your answer if you need a professional and reliable property manager, who does their work prudently and up to the best practices of the industry.

We seek to create quality long-term relationships in the management and maintenance of the property. The broad experience of our team, attention to detail and expertise in management and maintenance of specific real estate objects makes us a versatile and professional operator in the industry. We care about how our clients live and how they feel in their premises, therefore we strive to devote more time to each of our managed properties. We pay attention to every detail, following the corporate standard of Pillar Group, a full cycle real estate developer.

Our portfolio includes large-scale commercial objects like office buildings, logistics centres, New Hanza territory, as well as apartment buildings. Our daily work implies all kinds of property management and maintenance tasks, such as ensuring flawless functioning of engineering systems and security solutions of the said buildings, and also cleaning services indoors and outdoors.

Professional property management

Maintenance of engineering systems of the buildings and regular check-ups in accordance with the instructions of the manufacturers of the equipment. Quick elimination of damages, so that in most cases the client only finds out about the accidents from the monthly report on the works done.

Convenient communication

Our building managers and the support personnel are always reachable and customer-focused. We regularly inform the owners on the topical issues and technical details concerning their buildings. We track the latest trends in communication to implement the channels of communication that will be the most convenient and effective for our clients.

Quality cleaning services

Full-service cleaning of residential accommodations and commercial properties on daily basis, indoors and outdoors. We provide special cleaning services, deep cleaning, sanitation of stairways, elevators and other premises, window washing, and other cleaning services requested by the clients.

Parking and car wash

Among our property objects there is also a neighbourhood’s largest ticket parking at New Hanza territory, offering short-term parking and monthly tickets. Right next to it, there is also a car wash PUTO. Parking service provided by SIA EuroPark Latvia. Monthly tickets are available on EuroPark website ( For more information call EuroPark 24h hotline on +371 67 324 508 or message on

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