Second Stage of Infrastructure Construction Started at New Hanza

The works of the second stage of infrastructure construction have been started at New Hanza territory in order to continue building water supply, household sewage, heat and electricity supply networks.

The said works imply also building two more streets – Gustava Kluča Street and Roberta Hirša Street – at New Hanza to connect Skanstes Street with Mihaila Tāla Street. The general contractor of the works is Pillar Contractor, SIA, and they are estimated to be completed by the end of 2020.

Notable is that the majority of the planned construction works will be carried out by the very Pillar Contractor, SIA, who has already formed a new Production Department and has been forming a team of constructors for it. There are already 17 specialists working in the new department – foremen, construction workers and tractor operators.

In cooperation with Vincit Advisory, SIA, recently Pillar Contractor, SIA has attracted additional funds for purchasing some construction machinery and equipment of total value of EUR 650,000, including three specialised tractor units with additional equipment for performing all kinds of excavation works – digging, putting grooved piles for ground support etc.

Also currently there are works completed on the development of the project infrastructure third stage construction at New Hanza by Pillar Architekten, SIA.