Hanzas Perons – the Most Massive and Significant Building of 2019

The Latvian Annual Construction Award 2019 for the most massive and significant building of previous year went to the venue for culture Hanzas Perons, developed by Pillar.

The Latvian Annual Construction Awards is the biggest construction acknowledging award in Latvia, which this year received 162 applications in 10 nominations. The award ceremony took place on 10 March, and GRAND PRIX as the most massive and significant projects of 2019 went to two objects, one of them being Hanzas Perons that has already been recognized by international specialists of the field.

This high professional recognition is the achievement of all the involved companies! We would like to thank each and everyone from those more than 40 companies who took part in development and implementation of the project. Thank you for your efforts that resulted in a true success story.

Hanzas Perons is a former Riga cargo railway station warehouse at New Hanza territory that has resurrected into a new venue for culture – a modern and functional place for concerts, stage art and other events. This is the first culture building of this scale since the restoration of Latvia’s independence that has been built with private funds only, and it is one of the few buildings left at New Hanza territory that still show the massive development of Riga’s trade and manufacture in early 20th century.

Building reconstruction works were started in September 2017 and it was put in commission in July 2019. The project is designed by Reinis Liepiņš, leading architect at Sudraba Arhitektūra architecture firm. Construction supervision executed by Pillar Architekten, SIA, while the general contractor functions were executed by Pillar Contractor, SIA.

Mission of the Latvian Annual Construction Award is to promote safe, innovative, valuable and aesthetically qualitative buildings and constructions that were made in Latvia or beyond its borders if the project implementation was done by citizens of Latvia – construction workers, designers, manufacturers of engineering structures etc. The aim of the award is to raise the image of construction, design and architecture industry in the society by promoting best practice cases in Latvia and abroad.