On 13 December Celebrate Trebū HOME Third Stage Construction Topping Out Ceremony

Having completed the most complex works in terms of construction and technology and reaching the building’s highest point, with the representatives of the developer AFI INVESTMENTS, general contractor Pillar Contractor, construction project authors ARHIS ARHITEKTI and MARK ARHITEKTI, construction supervision company Forma 2 and other contractors there was a topping out wreath put on the roof constructions of the building and the completed part of works was celebrated.

In a festive atmosphere the Head of AFI Europe Latvia Ilona Striga thanked the representatives of the project’s authors and construction workers for their efforts, precise compliance with the construction schedule and their professionalism that ensured the project to comply with the highest quality standards. “Today we are here for a special occasion, because the topping out ceremony is one of the most important stages in the construction process, where the most voluminous part of work is completed and the construction proceeds to the next stage. I would like to say big thanks to the builders, architects, construction supervisors and AFI Europe team, because the work we have done together now lets us celebrate this moment together!” said Ilona Striga.

«Topping out ceremony has always been a significant step of construction for the builders, a moment to look back. I would like to thank the developer for the trust and productive dialog in solving matters related with the development of the project. Today we have completed a very important phase of the construction. We have done a lot, but there is still a lot of work to do, also. I want to thank all the partners involved in the construction project, as well as Pillar Contractor team for the efforts and quality», said Jānis Lāčaunieks, CEO of Pillar Contractor.

Third stage of construction of Trebū HOME was started in February 2019 and implies construction of four apartment buildings with 178 fully finished apartments. The total space of the buildings exceeds 14 000 square metres.

According to the concluded agreement, Pillar Contractor, SIA is the general contractor of the third stage of Trebū HOME. Apart from construction of the said four buildings, the company is going to carry out construction of utility lines and territory improvement works. It is estimated to complete the third stage of construction by Q3 2020.

Trebū HOME is a modern residential environment concept in Riga, on the right bank of Daugava River, among Lubānas, Salnas and Kupriču Streets. The developer of the project, AFI Europe, belongs to the global AFI Group and is an experienced international real estate company that in 10 years has completed more than 40 different projects in Europe. Trebū HOME project was made in cooperation with Latvia’s leading architecture firms ARHIS ARHITEKTI and MARK ARHITEKTI in collaboration with Israel architecture firm ARC4G.

Pillar Contractor is a Pillar Group company founded in 2015. Pillar Group was founded in 2008 and the companies belonging to it – Pillar Architekten, Pillar Contractor and Pillar RE Services – ensure design and build services, construction management and coordination, and office rent and maintenance services.