Hanzas Perons

Hanzas Perons is a venue for culture, concerts, exhibitions, conferences and other events.

Its origin goes back to the turn of 18th and 19th century, when there was a railway line to Mangaļi built in Riga, with a branch to Andrejsala grain elevator. Here they built Riga cargo railway station warehouse, which dispatched the last cargo in 2009. Nowadays there are just a few buildings left from the whole complex of buildings, yet the idea to connect the far and the different for a mutual benefit stayed and was reborn in a new shape with a new name – Hanzas Perons.

Hanzas Perons has been recognized as the year’s most magnificent building in 2019 in two awards: “Latvian Annual Award in Construction 2019” and “Best Building of the Year 2019”, as well as awarded a title of Culture Venue of the year by the public mass media in the framework of award “Kilograms kultūras 2019”.

Story of Hanzas Perons