Pillar Contractor Supports Student Photography Project “My Beautiful Land”

This year for the fifth time schools are taking par tin students’ photography project “My Beautiful Land”, which this year is supported also by Pillar Contractor.

The aim of this project is to motivate students for creativity, strengthen their sense of belonging and love of their homeland Latvia. The project offers students from schools all around Latvia to take photographs that show something characteristic to Latvia. The photos submitted to this project will be displayed in an exhibition and later given to schools for permanent display.

Pillar Contractor decided to support this project financially in order to help the most beautiful photos to reach the exhibitions and later – their new homes in hallways of schools all across Latvia.

It is estimated that the exhibition of the photos taken by the students will be opened in spring 2022. We are looking forward to new record of number of photos, which will exceed last year’s exhibition of 1634 best works.

More info about the project: manazemeskaista.lv

More about Pillar Contractor: pillar.lv

Photo: Bogdans Bogdanovs | 6.A klase | Jūrmalas pilsētas Kauguru vidusskola