Pillar Capital, AS Chose Its Financial Report Auditor and Approved New Council

On 29 November 2021, an ordinary shareholders’ meeting of Pillar Capital, AS (the Company) took place, where Nexia Audit Advice, AS (registration No. 40003858822) was appointed to be the auditor of 2021 financial report. Nexia Audit Advice shall carry out audit of the Company’s financial report and dependence report for the year 2021, which shall be released between 25.04.2022 and 29.04.2022.

Also, on 29 November 2021, the shareholders’ meeting approved the new Council of the Company for 5-year term (till 28 November 2026 inclusive), having elected Kārlis Kavass as the fifth member of the Council. From now on the Council of the Company will consist of Ernests Bernis, Edgars Pavlovičs, Ivans Marjasovs, Kaspars Bajārs and Kārlis Kavass.

Kārlis Kavass is an experienced investment management specialist who has been working for AmberStone Group, AS for more than 8 years. Kārlis Kavass graduated Riga School of Economics with Master’s Degree and holds MBA in Innovation and Business he studied in Riga Technical University.