What do Amazon warehouses have in common with A6 Logistics Park buildings?

Developed by Pillar Group, Logistics Park A6 on 462 Maskavas St., Riga, is designed and built according to BREEAM (Building Research Establishment Environmental Assessment Method) standards. One of the key conditions for obtaining this certificate is the so called Blower Door test.

The Blower Door test is a procedure for measurement of airtightness of a building, which is one of the prerequisites for high energy efficiency indicators. At the very stage of construction project of A6 Logistics Park there were increased energy efficiency requirements set forth for the building with a target value of air tightness of q50≤1,9 m³/(m²*h), which is twice lower than the minimum normative requirements for industrial buildings.

The test results came quite satisfying: q50 = 0,92-0,94 m³/(m²*h). It is twice as good as it was provided in the technical plan and four times better than the minimum requirements of construction regulations for industrial buildings.

Blower Door test was performed by SIA IRBEST specialists, who have broad experience in performing such tests on the buildings all across Europe. According to IRBEST, the result of test on A6 Logistics park complies with the corporate standards of international companies like Amazon and Lidl, and it also should be noted that only 10% of buildings of this type are reaching these indicators.

“These results are a proof of the quality of construction technology and solutions applied. We would like to thank our colleagues from Pillar Contractor for their careful and scrutinous work, starting from detailed development of the joints and up to meticulous control of the construction works up to very acceptance of the building”, says Head of Development of Pillar Capital, AS, Pēteris Guļāns.

A6 Logistics Park is the first warehouse complex in Latvia designed and built in accordance with BREEAM international sustainability standard, demonstrating Pillar’s support to environment protection and common global trends in construction through complying to the highest energy efficiency standards, as well as using construction materials produced in line with the same sustainability principles as well. This is going to be a unique chance for the companies, who apply green thinking principles in their operation, to use sustainable warehouse premises for storage of their produce. Also, higher energy efficiency means lower building maintenance costs.

For more information about A6 Logistics Park go to www.a6park.lv