Hanzas Perona Territory Landscaped with 33 New Trees

Starting the improving of the territory of Hanzas Perons, an emerging event venue in Riga, real estate developer Pillar has planted various trees along Hanzas and Pulkveža Brieža Streets – the streets surrounding Hanzas Perons. The planted trees are only the beginning of a new picturesque park that will be available to both visitors of Hanzas Perons and all Rigans and guests of the capital.

The design of the area around Hanzas Perons implies planting trees forming a green belt that could in future surround the entire New Hanza neighbourhood. The collection of the plants and trees is designed to fit the Latvian climate and to have rich decorative value and seasonal variety.

This week there were 20 new big trees planted, including linden trees, maples, pine trees, and some more exotic species for Riga such as Amur cork tree, Japanese katsura tree and magnolia shrubs, soon to be followed also by 13 apple trees.

Further landscaping of the territory around Hanzas Perons will take place along the completion of the construction of the building. The landscaping design implies also winter crops and small grain crops with some shrubs among them. The paths will be paved with toned concrete bays, while certain areas will be covered in pitching stone as a reference to the historic size of the building.

Hanzas Perons is a former Riga cargo railway station at New Hanza territory that is now being transformed into a new culture venue – a modern and functional place for concerts, stage art, conference and other events. This is the only building to be preserved at New Hanza territory as an evidence of major development of trade and manufacturing in Riga in early 20th century that is also included in the historical Riga centre protection area.

The reconstruction of the building was started in September 2017 and is going to be finished this summer. The author of the project is Reinis Liepiņš, a leading architect of Sudraba Arhitektūra; construction design supervision ensured by Pillar Architekten, SIA, while Pillar Contractor, SIA is the general contractor.