About us

Pillar Group is founded in 2008, and it comprises the companies that deal with real estate development, servicing, as well as management and sale. Pillar Group includes such companies as Pillar Capital AS, Pillar Development, SIA, Pillar Architekten, SIA, Pillar Contractor, SIA, Pillar Property Managment, SIA and others. The Group employs more than 90 people.

In its operation, we have always had two pillars to back on: understanding of what is important for the client and finding the right solutions for the most complicated projects and the most demanding clients at all times.

The proof of that is one of the most daring real estate development projects in Latvia – New Hanza, the new centre of finance and leisure, that is now our top priority. By New Hanza project we are aiming to revive the historical significance of Riga on the international arena, developing the city as a regional centre of finance that can offer qualitative life and work environment for thousands of citizens of Riga and a platform for Europe-wide business and culture events.

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